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Step 1

Get a PetSnap tag and create a profile

Link the profile and tag, Keep your contact details and pet’s critical information up-to-date.

Step 2

If your pet goes missing

Make sure you have enabled all critical information, so finder can view them through your pet's profile.

Step 2
Step 3

Finder scans the tag or visit profile online

Any one with a smart phone can scan the tag or visit your pet's profile online to view your contact details and pet's critical information.

Step 4

Reunited with your pet

With the detailed contact information, finders can contact you immediately, and your pet gets home faster.

Step 4


Feature 1

Quick and easy access

Instant access to your pets information once scanned.

Feature 1


Each time your pet is scanned you'll receive an alert to notify you.

Feature 1

Your tag for life

Tags are interchangeable, you can simply assign your tag to a different pet.

Feature 1

Easy to use interface

Our dashboard interface aims to make the activation process as easy as possible.

Feature 1

Durable design

No matter the weather, our tags will stand the test of time.

Feature 1

Cost effective

We don't charge a paw and a tail.


All subscription package include unlimited pet tags!

Monthly subscription
Quaterly subscription
R50/ 3 month
Yearly subscription


A: Yes, we use a subscription model, please see our pricing page for more details.
A: Yes you may, however you will need to remove any pet it was attached to before hand.
A: If your pets tag gets scanned, you need to provide some form of contact information. We currently share your mobile phone number.

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